Spare parts for TEAC and Tascam recorders
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The Big 40 ft container is about ready to be shipped

As many of you know I have been buying up second hand TEAC TASCAM Fostex and Soundcraft gear. I moved to Greece over 2 years ago but was still buying stuff during this time where it has been stored away ready to go to my man cave, it will ship i hope in about ten days from now and I will add some photos here, there's everything from Soundcraft 1 and 2 inch reel to reels to their huge desks, at a rough count there is over 20-30 mixers, 20 porta studios and I guess upwards of 40+ reel to...

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Tascam 144 244 246 door question

I often get asked about these door and if they can be swapped etc the answer is no The 144 has a bigger door, the 244 246  have a different catch Lad called Tom sent me this photo           TASCAM 244 door on top, 246 door on bottom.   Note how large 244 hinges are and latch on opposite side. 246 door about 3mm wider.

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Inbound in a week or so Fostex Tascam Rack ears rails

These are not ready to be shipped yet and currently are in the paint shop Reel to Reels look way cool in a Rack so on odd occasions I come across a unit that is going to be parted out, I have saved these rails till I had a few then have had some copies bent up to suit standard rack units. Made from Aluminium angle and CNC cut notches then sanded, primed and painted in a matt type finish The ones in the shop now and will be available in the next weeks Fostex R8 Tascam 22-2 22-4 More...

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MSR16 MSR24 reel broken reel table bushes

I had an MSR-24 in to break but my lad managed to break the rear bus in taking them off, but i have just had a customer with same problem, it seems these bushes suffer from the same fatigue as the TSR-8 ones in that they warp a little and its impossible to get them off As a solution you can use the A3440 ones and cut them down at the back they are a perfect fit    

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Teac EM1449 EM1446 EM1540 PCB 51675661 motors and general INFORMATION CCW CW

I  am writing this more for my information and its a bit of a work in progress here. Teac used a few motors over the years mostly i cannot see any difference just in some of the bigger machines they seem a bit meatier as draw more current but not that much, I was not sure if they can be swapped around as I do not have the manuals here.   There seems to be 3 different Pcbs at least from what I can see and I am unsure of the pinouts so I have listed them here, some use...

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