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Capstan motors TEAC EM1446 EM1450 thoughts

I have noted (perhaps its just me being stupid) that when these things are new they draw a certain amount of current, best I have seen being 83 mA worse 200+ mA, I was thinking maybe as brushes wear down then more current is drawn but I am not a motor man, but it seems a good way to check if there is some life in the motor or at least what life will be there. Can anyone put me straight here?? I want of course to sell good motors for good prices but also if I know a motor...

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Tascam tension arms caps problems

I always though that the caps were common on the 30 series and TSR and later 22-2 X series recorders , seems i was wrong, I wanted to put a 22-2 cap on my 38 but it jams the roller seems the internal spigot is bigger on the 38 and the TSR 8.   Here a photo says a 1000 words have a look at the right unit (from a TSR 8) and you can see, of course the TSR8 has more straight sides but the 38 has same front as one on the left (that does not fit) i...

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Fostex R8 Motor reeling spooling transport problems

I get asked about the Fostex R8 almost on a daily basis , so will put  this here as it will solve about 80% of peoples problems The R8 uses two reel motors on which both have pressed on them a black plastic pulley, it relies on being pressed on there is no locking pin etc. Many people have been using sticky old Ampex tape or just using their machines a lot. In the end the pulley starts to slip, it may work half way through the reel and then slip or it will not work at all forward or...

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Teac Tascam Back Bushes news

As most people know these back bushes havea habit of crumbling to pieces, Chris from Lincoln wanted a Tascam 32/34/38 back bush but i did not have one and sent him one of my old Teac 3440 back bushes , they are the ones with the line cut in the rear for a belt and they fitted his newer Tascam. I am not sure if the newer ones can be used in the older models but it seems they work fine, so thats a result Expecting a Portastudio one in next week, I want to see if the knobs from...

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